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    Hangars and shops

    Being a part of FL Technics which operates its own 30 000 sq. m. of fully equipped hangars and shops allows FL Technics ECMD to provide flexible solutions for all customers. Our extensive in-house capabilities including a wide network of hangars and shops enables us to provide our clients with minimum downtime and swift service. This network comprises multiple conveniently located engine shops, APU shops, LG shops, composite repair shops, structure repair shops, painting shops, wheels and brakes repair shops, avionics repair shops, life equipment repair shops, battery repair shops and interior shops.

    Our hangar in Vilnius
    Size: 13,700 m2
    Airport: Vilnius International Airport
    Availability: 365 days 
    Our hangar in kaunas
    Size: 8,500 m2
    Airport: Kaunas International airport
    Availability: 365 days 
    Our hangar in Jakarta
    Size: 9,000 m2
    Airport: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
    Availability: 365 days